Multiplier Event in Rumania
17 Giugno 2024

Prichindel Kindergarten hosted a special event on June 6 as part of the Libertec project, dedicated to improving the digital skills of preschool educators and teachers.

The conference was held at Hotel Bucovina with 33 participants attending in person. It was also broadcast online, with 21 teachers following the event virtually, demonstrating a wide interest in the project’s initiatives.

The event was coordinated by Headteacher Dorina Dunăreanu and brought together early education experts from Suceava, who shared their knowledge and experiences related to the digitalization of preschool education.

Among the special guests were Early Education Inspector Raileanu Daniela and Assistant Professor Dr. Ionuț Croitoru, whose presentations highlighted the importance of updating digital competencies for educators in this educational segment.

Speakers Gheata Paraschiva, Ilie Carmen, Burdujoc Roxana, and Costea Daniela presented various aspects of the LIBERTEC project, showcasing how new technologies can be integrated into educational activities to enhance the learning process and educational management.

RO_Multiplier Event