Multiplier Event in Spain
17 Giugno 2024

On the 6th of June, the local multiplier event of the LIBERTEC Project, organised by the Pinolivo Infant School and the University of Malaga, took place with great success at the Faculty of Education Sciences in Malaga.

This event, which was held in the Sala de Grados, managed to bring together more than 70 participants, both in face-to-face and online mode, exceeding attendance expectations.

During the event, a detailed introduction to the  of the Libertec Project, highlighting its objectives, methodologies and future expectations, was given.

The project guidelines were presented and two talks were given, with contributions from:
– D. Guillermo Antón, a teacher specializing in AI, gave a talk on how artificial intelligence can transform educational documentation, providing innovative strategies and tools for teachers.
– Ph. Baptist Quinto Borghi, from the University of Bolzano, explored the relevance of documentation in early childhood education, providing academic and practical perspectives on its implementation.

ES_Multiplier Event

ES_Multiplier Event Program