Testin Phase in Rumania
10 Giugno 2024

The Kindergarten “Prichindel” in Romania chose to test digitized documentation in 15 classes within the 3-6 years educational level across 2 kindergartens.

The testing aimed to assess how teachers and coordinators utilize digitized documentation in their daily work, educational activities with children, family relations, and external institutional connections.

Additionally, it aimed to explore how to apply the “LIBERTEC GUIDELINES” methodological indications as an opportunity to enhance preschool digital responsiveness, contribute to its modernization, and upgrade the competencies of its staff.

In the period between 1 December 2023 and 30 April 2024, the Romanian team chose to experiment in programs such as Etwinning/Twinspac, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Messenger and Google Classroom; also Google Drive, Padlet, Canva.

During the testing phase, teachers successfully implemented the digitized pedagogical documentation, allowing for more efficient and organized record-keeping of preschoolers progress and activities. It has been possible to improved collaboration among teachers and educators due to the streamlined communication enabled by the digital platform. Teachers and educators appreciated the user-friendly interface of the digital documentation system, which simplified their administrative tasks and saved time. Moreover, they found that the Guidelines provided clear and comprehensive instructions for implementing the digitized pedagogical documentation effectively.