Testing Phase in Spain
6 Giugno 2024

A guide was tested using a questionnaire translated into the mother tongue to ensure comprehension. The questionnaire was digitised with Google Forms and distributed at the Pinolivo school, obtaining a 100% response rate. As for the profile of the participants, 75% are Early Childhood Education teachers and 25% are pedagogical coordinators, all of them university graduates in the subject.

Four classes representative of the educational cycle (3-6 years) were selected, including the class of the pedagogical coordinator. The majority of the participants (75%) create pedagogical documentation by educational levels and divide their responsibilities in the creation of pedagogical documentation into three categories. All participants rated the effectiveness of the pedagogical documentation positively.

100% of participants use both digital and paper formats for the creation of pedagogical documentation. The methodology for digitised pedagogical documentation provided by the LIBERTEC Guidelines was mostly implemented at various educational levels (75%). Furthermore, 75% indicated that their school did not have a comprehensive digital pedagogical documentation system.

ES_Testing Phase