Local workshop in Italy
30 Gennaio 2024

The local workshops in Italy were carried out at one of our work locations “Il Kantiere – Florence”. The meetings took place on 26/10/2023 and 07/11/2023. We held two meetings of 2.5 hours each, and in each meeting we developed parts of the guidelines until they were completed.

The meetings were directed by Valter Mattetti and Domenico Medea.

In the first session we first introduced the theoretical framework of the project and therefore highlighted the great value of routines and the configuration of spaces, the importance of pedagogical documentation and digitized documentation.

Also during the first meeting , the participants discussed about the skills and knowledge they possessed with respect to the “LIST OF PROGRAMS FOR CONTENTS SHARING 1” and “LIST OF TOOLS/PROGRAMS TO MANAGE WORK ACTIVITIES IN A PRESCHOOL 1”.

In the second meeting the participants discussed the skills and knowledge they possessed with respect to the list “LIST OF TOOLS/PROGRAMS FOR MANAGING EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES IN A KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL”, the list “LIST OF PROGRAMS FOR EVALUATION” and finally on “MINIMUM CONTENTS SUGGESTED FOR THE DIGITAL LIBRARY SHELVES”.

In the two workshops, 9 people were involved who participated in both meetings.

In detail, the following took part:LOCAL Workshops Report Cepiss Local Workshop in Italy

2 teachers who work at our preschools and work with girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 6;

6 educators who work at our kindergartens and work with girls and boys aged 0-3 years;

a coordinator of early childhood services, i.e. a pedagogue who is responsible for coordinating nurseries, nurseries and our playrooms, then a coordinator who has experience and expertise in the 0-6 age group and who coordinates the playrooms that welcome children from 0 to 14 years and their families.