Local workshop in Spain
23 Gennaio 2024

In October, local workshops organized by the Spanish partners of the Libertec project were held.

The workshops were organized at the CEI Pinolivo center, with the aim of sharing the contents of the Guidelines with the participants, as a preparation activity for the testing phase.

The draft of the Guidelines has been divided into three different parts and for this reason three different meetings have been organized. The workshops were directed by Mª Gracia Romero García and Alberto Cubero Serrano.

The first session (04 October) aimed to present the guide and to introduce the participants to the theoretical framework that supports us. In this session, value was given to the presentation of the routines and configuration of the spaces of the partner schools, as well as the importance of pedagogical documentation and the digitized library.

In the second session (10 October) it was explained what are the skills that the educator must possess for pedagogical documentation, how to configure the library and how to share content and resources through the list of programs included in the Guide.

PINOLIVO_Local workshop

Málaga ES_Workshop

Póster Workshop

In this session, tools and applications to manage work and educational activities were shown.

The last session (25 October) dealt with the issue of evaluation and the applications and tools included in the Guide to carry out this process.

The workshops involved a total of 12 people, 9 of whom are early childhood education teachers, 1 is a specialist teacher in hearing and language, 1 is a specialist teacher in therapeutic pedagogy and 1 is Technical Personnel for Social Integration. 
They all work with students who are in the age group of 3-6 years. Both specialists (hearing and language and therapeutic pedagogy) operate in a broader age range since they share hours with another primary school, therefore they work with students aged 3-6 and 6-12 years.